Welcome to our new staff member, Bali!

Click here for an update on Bali, read our Wellbeing Dog Polciy and Wellbeing Dog Permission Form as of 31/10/2022 

Welcome to our new staff member who will be starting at our school soon!

We are welcoming a new member to our staff at school. We have been very fortunate to receive some funding to support this. The new member of staff will be undertaking some special training with her handler before she starts working at our school. This new member’s role will be to support the social and emotional needs of our students under the guidance and supervision of their handler and other school staff.

I would like to introduce Bali, our new wellbeing dog.

The recognised benefits from working or visiting with a wellbeing dog include:

  • reduced stress and anxiety, including decreased learner anxiety behaviours
  • improved physical and emotional wellbeing
  • improved self-esteem, empathy and interpersonal skills
  • improved relationship building and ability to pick up on social cues

improved attendance (for disengaged students or students at risk of disengaging

Some examples of activities students may engage in with the wellbeing dog include:

  • petting and/or hugging Bali
  • speaking and reading to Bali
  • giving Bali commands that she is trained to respond to.
  • Walking Bali
  • Grooming Bali
  • Feeding Bali