The SoSAFE! Program provides a vital framework for safety, social skills training and sexuality education.


The program covers a sequence of concepts. At BVS, some groups may only focus on the first few concepts where other groups may quickly review the early concepts and then move on through the program.


The concepts include:

Private & Public Parts of the Body

That anything covered by your bathers is private and your mouth is also private


Private & Public Places / Private Things /Behaviours

Usually when the door is closed it is a private place.


Help & Help A lot

The difference between people that help you with tasks and help you with personal care/hygiene eg. A teacher helps you with maths and an ES can help you in the bathroom if you give consent.


Private Helper

Who are the appropriate people to help you with personal care/hygiene


Touching Yourself

Masturbation is talked about as Touching Yourself – discussing where are the appropriate places to touch yourself eg. in private


OK / Not Ok

Understanding the concepts of Ok / Not Ok and what are the Ok / Not Ok behaviours within different relationships



Teaching students that people should ask for their consent before helping them with personal care / hygiene and it’s ok to say no if you can do it yourself or if you feel uncomfortable