Student Learning Goals

In line with Department of Education and Training (DET) policy, each student at Barwon Valley School has an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).


The IEP/ITP is developed by the Student Support Group  (SSG). The Student Support Group is a cooperative partnership between the student, the parent/carer(s), teachers, and other professionals to ensure there is  coordinated support for each student’s educational needs.


The ILP sets out 5 long and short-term (annual) goals. Long term goals are broad statements of expected learning outcomes reflecting the social, academic and life skills required by the student, e.g. to live independently.

Short Term or Annual goals are specific statements describing the expected behaviour or skill to be achieved by the end of the school year e.g. to request request food items at lunch time..



The ILP sets out the criteria for achievement of learning, and progress is monitored regularly with assessment reports included in the June and December Reports