Allied Health

Occupational Therapy

At Barwon Valley School, occupational therapy has a focus on maximising a student’s opportunity to participate in school-based activities. 


The Occupational Therapists work in collaboration with classroom staff to support students with a range of abilities to optimise their function and independence in a variety of areas, including sensory processing and integration, prescription of adaptive devices and equipment; positioning; self-care (toileting and eating); and hand skills.




The physiotherapy team at Barwon Valley School assists students to safely access their school environment. We work alongside classroom staff to motivate students to develop their physical skills and participate in activities of school life. This may include individual or group sessions, the provision of specialised equipment and aquatic physiotherapy.



Speech Pathology

At Barwon Valley School, the speech pathologists works alongside class room staff to develop and implement programs to enhance students’ communication skills. Programs may include the use of alternative communication systems, which can assist students who have difficulty using speech to communicate or difficulties understanding speech. A key role of the speech department at Barwon Valley School is to assess and treat students who present with eating, drinking and/or swallowing difficulties.



School Nurse

Nurses at Barwon Valley School are available every day. Nursing services provide advice and support for parents, staff and students with management of any health issues and medical conditions. Nurses liaise with allied health services, external agencies, case managers and medical practitioners working with Barwon Valley School students and their families, to best achieve a positive support or outcome in the management of a student’s medical condition. Nurses also provide first aid services and support during school hours.



Student Wellbeing Officer

BVS has a Wellbeing Support Officer whose main role is to support the welfare and wellbeing of students and their families.

This may include providing assistance to access relevant services, providing information and advice, and supporting students individually or in small groups on issues such as feelings, Health and Human Relations, and grief and loss.